The latest smoothie bowl trend that the world is lapping up to. 

It’s 2018 and everyone is obsessing over the newest trend that has taken the world by storm. The humble smoothie was usually made with different fruits combined with yoghurt and was slurped through a straw. It was a portable snack that people often took with them on their way to work or college. However now this portable snack has had a makeover and can be safely called gourmet. If you’re unaware of the latest smoothie bowl trend then get on Instagram and search for #smoothiebowl. You’ll find more than half a million posts about smoothies and what’s more is that there are dedicated people running a number of smoothie bowl accounts.

So what is a smoothie bowl?

A smoothie bowl has a thick blend of a number of whole foods like frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, healthy options like oats, yoghurt, avocado, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, melon seeds etc.  In comparison to the smoothies that you slurp from a mug, these smoothies have a thicker base which almost feels like it has an ice-cream like consistency. This colourful base can then be poured in a bowl and can be topped with seeds and whole fruits to give it more texture.

Why is it such a big deal?

  1. It is one of the trends on social media that are actually quite achievable. You can send a smoothie bowl made with fruit by post. There are so many restaurants that make just fruit smoothies and deliver all around the world. They make it with natural preservatives which is why they have short shelf lives but are delicious to taste.
  2. Smoothie bowls have changed the way we look at healthy foods. It tells us that healthy things don’t always need to look bad and taste bad. The vibrant smoothie bowls contain more fruit and less liquid which means that you’re filling yourself up properly. It makes a better meal replacement than shakes and can be made with toppings galore.
  3. Eating these smoothie bowls with a spoon than just slurping it makes you slow down and practice mindful eating. Smoothie bowls give  you 15 minutes of leisure time when you can eat something happily and feel at peace. It gives you the opportunity to eat and not worry about putting on calories. The  beautiful toppings and the ingredients together add healthy nutrients to your diet which would have otherwise not been there.
  4. Some smoothie bowls are designed after keeping particular things in mind such as bloating, inflammation, indigestion, low energy and poor immunity system. A lot of smoothies contain protein powder to boost mass gain and some have collagen powder to promote skin repair along with skin tightening.

The system of giving fruit gift baskets uk is changing its face. What used to be a big basket full of fruits is now getting replaced with healthy fruit smoothies in bowls and smoothie stacks. What’s this smoothie stack, you may ask? It is a mason jar containing a number of smoothies with different flavours combined together, layered on on top of the other. However the bowls are easier and make the healthiest snacks to eat and send to a person.


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