How to work on your Vocabulary for GRE Test?

If you are not good with words then GRE verbal section might get on your nerves. Of course, you might have a good vocabulary but that is not really enough. You need to hone your vocabulary extensively if you really want to get good scores in the vocabulary section of GRE test.

Of course, you can find a GRE Word List and can start familiarising yourself with those words to start with. But again that would not be enough. You have to keep on exploring new words in the ocean of vocabulary. The more words you know and understand the better it would be for your performance. Don’t worry if you are not good with words because the following points might help you in strengthening your vocabulary.

Read as much as you can

Certainly reading has a direct connection with your vocabulary. Come on, you are not being told to read the rough or dry books but you can ready anything or everything that comes your way. It would be great if you add newspapers, magazines and similar books in your reading stuff. The more you would read the more words you are going to come across. You are going to learn so many words that will give a great boost to your vocabulary.  Similarly, make sure that the words you come across in the test you note them down properly.

Use them in a context

It is important to know that in which context a specific word is used. You have to be careful about the usage of the words. You know what; there are so many words that are used in so many ways. In case you are one of those who read only the first definition given of the word in the dictionary then you need to improve. Make sure that you read all the definitions that are given related to the word. You have to find out in which context the word has been used. In this way you would know the meaning in the true sense.  After all, it is not about knowing the words but also understanding the meaning of the word and how it has been used and can be used.

Make your own contexts for better understanding

Once you have a good collection of words with their meaning noted down well. Make sure that you make your own contexts. You have to use the words in your own context. In this way if the specific word is in the test you would be able to relate to it.  Once you have made your own contexts, you would not find any difficulty in understanding the words. For example, if there is a word like scuffle, you can in your mind make a context of fight ground where teams are fighting for a crown. In this way you would know that scuffle means this and can be used like that.


Thus once you have a strong GRE Word List you can easily do well in the test.

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